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Residential PV Plant

Based on your individual needs, we offer custom-fit solutions to help you manage your solar energy around the clock. The most popular string inverter for household roof usage is 1000-3000K-S, 1 MPPT and single-phase, that is the second generation string inverter featuring smaller size, light in weight and high efficiency -maximum efficiency up to 97.6%. 

In addition, 2.5-5.5K MTL-S, built-in dual MPPT and single-phase, has the highlight to provide reactive power for utility grid(displacement power factor setting ≠1). More products information for residential application. please visit

As of December, 2015, these two series products have been shipped over 400,000 units, enjoying good comments and reputation from our customers all over the world. In 2011, Growatt ranked top 1 in Australia by string inverter sized 1-5KW shipments.

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Commercial PV Plant

With Growatt system solutions, products and project support, you are easy to realize your projects durable, flexibly and economically. We work with our customers to match the right mix of technology with their application so they can get the maximum value from their system.

Growatt offers a variety of series products to cover your commercial applications. For example, the string inverter 30-50KTL3-S has been received lots of attention since unveiled in Q2 2016 as its technical innovations and user-friendly interface e.g. 8 strings intelligent monitoring, compactness design etc. More products information for commercial application.please visit

With more than 1GW of commercial buildings installation capacity in 100+ countries, Growatt can develop unique solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs, all backed by our Growatt comprehensive range of service.


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Large-scale PV Plant

As for large-scale solar application, Growatt has both the experience and the proven technology to help make your investment reaching maximum profit – minimum risk. Considering the complexity of PV power plants, we offer one-stop solution for greater availability and maximum long-term energy yields. Growatt centre inverters solutions include everything you need to efficiently distribute and manage locally generated solar energy, from panel DC output to the grid connection.

In terms of centralized PV plant station, Growatt center inverters, sized ranging from 100KW to 2.52MW, are perfect solution for ground-level PV plant. When it comes to decentralized PV station, Growatt 10-20K UE and 30-50KTL3 series products will be your ideal choices. More products information for large scale PV plant application. please visit:

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