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Growatt establishes Solar College in Hungary

Growatt’s Solar College is now operated on a regular basis by our sole agent in Pécs, a professional educational organization offering solar industry and after-sales training for engineers.The range of subjects covered, from consultation services to smart PV solutions, has made the college extremely popular with Hungarian industry professionals.

The college brings people together to learn how to plan, design and implement solar projects, from large-scale commercial PV projects to home rooftop installations. There are 3 different training courses available. 

The first is a state-licensed course for electricians, which runs over a total of 96 hours and which has strict entry preconditions for candidates. Once accepted for the course, the participants have to successfully complete a formal examination to become officially recognised as photovoltaic system installers. The course contains both theoretical and practical elements. The subsequent exam is also logically divided into two parts: a 30 minute written exam and an hour long practical session.

On successful completion of the first training course, the student is then able to progress to the second, a complementary course running over 30 hours, partially based on content from the first. On successful completion of the second course,the student becomes fully recognised and qualified to carry out installation and maintenance services as a Growatt Service Partner.

The third course is for individuals who do not already have a background as an electrician. They have a different level of training and, since an existing qualification as an electrician is required to install photovoltaic systems,they cannot be granted Growatt Service Partner status.

Ten years of operational experience has given the college the ability to provide Growatt Service Partners with detailed training on how to deal with outages,emergencies and system maintenance, including training in quality management.To enhance clients’ trust and confidence, Growatt Service Partners regularly go back to local sites to offer follow up professional services, such as ensuring regulatory compliance, inspecting installations and maintaining devices.


The Solar College has trained many engineers since opening its doors - and given them a competitive advantage. The college is dedicated to creating a study environment for engineers which will ultimately result in a win-win relationship with their clients and help Growatt achieve its ambitions in Hungary.