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Growatt at SolarRoofs Karnataka of India

SolarRoofs Event has been held in Karnataka on Oct 12 with installers, consumers and government authorities. Growatt is honored to have the opportunity to join the event and share our expertise in PV inverter.

Solar power in India is developing very fast and according to Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, the country's solar installed capacity reached 23 GW as of  June 30 in 2018. However, there're difficulties and challenges ahead and one of them is that solar equipments should maintain good performance in India's harsh tropical climates.

With years of R&D experience and advanced technology, Growatt has the answer for solar PV customers in India. Growatt has demonstrated stability and durability of its inverters and has years of proven track record. As a result, Growatt inverters are very popular among customers. According to BRIDGE TO INDIA, Growatt has become the TOP 3 inverter supplier of solar rooftop projects.

At the event, Neil Yu, product manager from Growatt, introduced MAX 50k-80k TL3 LV/MV to the audience. "Growatt MAX is a smart inverter with remarkable efficiency of up to 99%. The highest record of string inverter weighted China efficiency reaches 98.67%," Yu said. "It has got 6 MPPTs and that suits the harsh application conditions in India. And moreover, it is smart for maintenance! Growatt MAX has got smart I-V curve diagnosis and the ‘Click to Diagnose’ function designed for easier analysis of the failure root cause. "

As the IoT technology becomes popular, Growatt also takes the lead and develops its smart energy management system for easier monitoring and management of customers. “So if you utilize our smart management tool developed, you’ll find it time and cost saving and convenient to manage and maintain the operation of the solar system ”, Yu continued.

Growatt is devoted to the solar energy development of India. With the service center in Hyderabad established four years ago, more local engineers with expertise in commissioning and O&M join Growatt and contribute to the India solar industry. Growatt continues to localize operation and invest in the market development and with these efforts Growatt further strengthens its leading position in solar inverter.