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Growatt brings more intelligent technology to Netherlands

Expo Haarlemmermeer, Holland ―March 21&22, 2018 ,Growatt displayed its smart inverters at the Solar Solutions exhibition in the Netherlands. The new MAX 50000-80000TL3-L model is particularly suitable for commercial roofs and larger distribution projects and many installers and distributors were enthusiastic about the new model, which they thought was both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The MAX50000-80000TL3-L will be formally released in Q4.

With the continued high demand from local customers, Growatt also exhibited its hybrid SPH series and 12000-15000TL3-S inverters. Both models incorporate features which go far beyond those associated with traditional inverters, including integration with smart technology, a wide range of working voltages and natural cooling.


During the event, Growatt project managers were on hand for discussions with customers regarding further cooperation and many clients were enthusiastic at the prospect of visiting the company headquarters in China.

All in all, there were two very full and successful days at the expo with guests enjoying an interactive experience of the company’s smart solar solutions!