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Growatt continues PV market expansion in Brazil

Aug 28-30,2018, Sao Paulo, Brazil---Growatt participated the Intersolar South America with intelligent PV solutions.  To continue PV market expansion in Brazil, Growatt displayed new products, technologies, solutions aiming to better connect clean energy world together with partners. 
During the exhibition, Growatt showcased the world-leading smart PV solutions that cover all scenarios,  Growatt 1000-3000-S and Growatt 2500-5500MTL-S are recommended for residential solar systems. Growatt 12000-15000TL3-S is for small commercial solar systems. For the new products, Growatt 30000-50000TL3-S and Growatt MAX 50-80KTL3-LV are launched for industrial and commercial PV power plants. In addition to the on-grid inverters, Growatt also brought off grid inverter Growatt SPF 5000-P and online smart service system.

Growatt 12000-15000TL3-S
- Particularly suitable for small commercial PV projects
- High efficiency
- Elegant new look
- More compact design
- Fanless natural cooling technique   

Growatt 30-50k TL3-S 
- Suitable for commercial roofs and large distribution projects
- Equipped with a wirebox including comprehensive protections inside
- String monitoring, string fuses, anti-PID function
- SPD type II on both AC and DC side
- Totally without requirement of external wirebox

Growatt MAX 50-80KTL3-LV
- Very powerful with 99% MAX efficiency
- 6 MPPTs ensure more flexible string configuration and less string mismatch loss
- Hardware protection (including SPD on both AC and DC side, DC switch)
- Smart string I-V diagnosis 
- Smart local and remote maintenance, saving service time and cost
- Suitable for both residential and small commercial applications 
- 5kW capacity and parallelable up to 3 units
- Being programmable on working mode
- Expand MPPT charger controller optional,

OSS(online service system)
Growatt OSS(online service system) is a platform for installers. On the platform you can get active services from Growatt, also as an installer you can manage all your inverters remotely, firmware upgrading, parameter setting. All can be done online. Available interfaces include web browser and mobile phone APP.
                                       Online Smart Service System

Smart PV solutions provides a better life for Brazilians
Brazil's installed solar power generation capacity has hit 1,602 MW in June 2018 for a 577% year-on-year jump, according to a government bulletin published on Wednesday. Due to the strong potential of distributed generation, installed PV power for the next two years may be much larger. To provide better experience, a better life and a more stable supply for Brazilians, Growatt insists on an innovation driven strategy, not only focusing on the safe and stable supply chain, but also the penetration of research and development in Brazil market for more than 7 years. 

The customers using our products have positive comments on the powerful combination of quality and value for money, such as our 120KW PV project in Manaus in Brazil, “Growatt inverters are very good and cost effective. I often recommend Growatt inverters to other customers. It is amazing ! ” One of the customer said.  Such good performance of many PV projects from Growatt attracts more and more distributors, agents and final customers to buy Growatt PV solutions and inverters. Thanks to customers’ trust and support, Growatt has already become No.1 Chinese residential inverter exporter in Brazil and has a good reputation for its proven track record of reliability in Brazil. Moreover, the full range of inverters have been certified by INMETRO in 2016.  Looking forward, Growatt is able to secure a huge number of PV projects with Smart PV solutions and nice service in Brazil, which continues a better life for the local. 

                                                                                            120KW PV project in Manaus in Brazil

Building a professional worldwide connection for the customers, including Brazil
As a customer-focused company, Growatt has built up a sound pre-sale and after-sale service team worldwide. All the team members are experienced experts in the inverter industry. They are well-trained, always care about customer's requirement. They are using their expertise and passion to provide the best and highly efficient service for all the customers. The pre-sale and after-sale engineers team as well as a sales team covers all over the world. To ensure reliable and efficient service for our clients in Brazil, Growatt has a local warehouse and local after-sales technicians in São Paulo. The technicians can provide local customers with nice service by quick response.

 The professional and global service network demonstrates that Growatt is mature enough to meet the increasing demand and challenges of PV market in Brazil.