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Growatt eyes Pakistan's PV market

Lahore Expo Centre, Pakistan–10-12 May , 2018 – Growatt unveiled the models of energy storage series SPF5000, SPH6000 in Pakistan, including the powerful inverter Growatt 10000TL3-S. Through intelligence and innovation, Growatt is committed to helping the worldwide people use the clean and easy energy with smart PV solutions, thereby creating a zero emissions living environment.


According to PV-Magazine’s report, Pakistan passes 1 GW of RE capacity, targets 1.8 GW of PV by 2018. In response to the constant increase in demand from Pakistan’s emerging PV market, Growatt has participated in the expo and displayed the latest powerful solar products.

Many visitors stopped at Growatt’s booth and showed a great deal of interest in the inverters on display. They were particularly enthusiastic about the energy storage series models SPF5000, SPH6000, and discussed the various solutions on site. On the first day, May 10, all the energy storage inverters were sold out, with visitors and customers having to wait to pre-order.


Thanks to its smart technology, Growatt offers a comprehensive product line of on-grid, off-grid and hybrid inverters, as well as a range of monitoring products. The SPF 5000 series was particularly popular among customers, being suitable for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption applications and incorporating features such as dual MPPTs and compatibility with lithium and lead-acid batteries, with an expanded MPPT charge controller optional.   Learn more http://www.ginverter.com/en/Products/Storage-systems.html