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Growatt’s highlights at SNEC 2018

Growatt New Energy Technology unveiled its“Smart Manufacturing driving new high efficiency era” at China’s most prestigious PV show this week. The 12th SNEC expo saw Growatt showcase its biggest ever product range: the New MAX series 50-80kW industrial and commercial products, along with off-grid storage SPF series, SPA 1000-3000, and the intelligent hybrid inverter SPH series. In addition, Growatt also debuted the new member ‘Watt Superman’,which was warmly received.1


“The smart future energy solution is experiencing a revolution which has never happened before. Internationalization, innovation and smart connection have evolved from good ideas to reality,” said Felix Fang, Growatt’s Marketing Director. “We are at a point where Growatt is stepping into smart craftsmanship, driving the new high efficiency era. With the world’s intelligent technology, Growatt is gradually leading the way in smart PV solutions in the green energy industry.”

There were many foreign clients and visitors stopping at the Growatt stand. Those spending time on the booth were particularly keen to discuss further cooperation on smart PV solutions with Growatt project managers and clients were very enthusiastic at the prospect of buying the new MAX 50K-80KTL3 LV and Hybrid inverter SPH series products


Growatt has made a huge investment in research and development and has recruited top engineers to develop the new smart products. Over the past 8 years, Growatt has become a mature manufacturer and supplier for industrial, commercial and residential PV projects. The company believes passionately in smart technology enhancing the quality of life and has also invested heavily in energy storage technology, thereby creating a full series of top quality energy products, including the SPF series and Hybrid inverter SPH series.

Growatt products are now present in more than 100 countries and have an excellent reputation all over the world.

Growatt, the Pride of China, proud to serve the world.