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Growatt's legendary creativity and smart PV technology on display in Korea

Daegu , Korea – April 6, 2018 –Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd  introduces to Korea its EV charger and various residential, commercial and PCS central inverters, including the soon to be released MAX80KW series, which pushes back the boundaries of traditional inverters with its elegant design and variety of new performance offerings.

With the rapid growth of large scale industrial and commercial energy storage in Korea, Growatt also displays its 500KW battery inverters, which have earned such a positive reputation all over the world since 2014 and which bring together a combination of flexible configuration and powerful application scenarios, opening up the large-scale PV storage market.

“Growatt values the Korean market highly. It has great promise and we will continue to provide our Korean clients with the high quality products, services and support developed over our ten years’ experience,” said Frank Qiao, Growatt’s sales director, when interviewed by Aving, the well known media outlet. The new powerful inverter MAX 50000-80000TL3-L will be formally released  in Q4.


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Growatt MAX 50000-80000TL3-L is ideal for commercial roofs andlarge distribution projects.

  • User-Friendly

            LED+APP, for easy local maintenance
            Power rating up to 80000W, reduce initial investment
            Remote service available on Growatt portal

  • High Yields

           Maximum efficiency of 99%
           6 MPPTs, 12 strings, adapt to complex situation
           Wide working voltage for longer production time

  • Safe & Reliable

12 strings monitoring& smart string I-V diagnosis, saving time for fault detection
Inverter output power quantity improvement, more reliable
Integrated DC switch
IP65 protection rating