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Growatt participated at the Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2018

April 10th and 11th, 2018, International Convention Centre, Sydney. Growatt participated at the Smart Energy Conference& Exhibition. During the event, the Growatt team met with many clients,both existing and new, introducing in depth the SPH and SPA power storage systems, together with the company’s popular and reliable single and three phase on-grid inverters. Growatt’s local distributor, Austra Energy, also displayed the SPH hybrid inverter on their booth.


Based on the increasing price of electricity,the decreasing price of lithium batteries, high levels of solar irradiation and direct  government subsidies, energy storage systems are becoming a popular and  practical solution for the Australian public. To meet the demand of the local PV market, Growatt unveiled its SPH hybrid and SPA AC coupled inverters for  different scenarios.


With the SPH and SPA inverters, end users can store their solar energy via a 4.8Kwh lithium battery and use it to support  their family’s requirements.