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Growatt smart new inverter solutions impress visitors at Intersolar 2018

 Messe München exhibition center, Germany –- Jun 20-22-- Intersolar Europe 2018,   as a global leading PV inverter manufacturer, Growatt New Energy Technology CO.,LTD (Growatt) continues the worldwide display of its powerful inverter ranges MAX 50K-80KTL3 LV, Growatt SPH/SPA/SPF, Growatt 2500-6000 TL-X, AC EV charger, etc.

According to IHS Markit analysis, there is expected double-digit growth in the European PV market in 2018. Solar demand in Europe will rise to about 11 GW in 2018. The five largest European PV markets are Turkey, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK. Growatt insists on an innovation driven strategy, focusing on penetration of research and development in European market for more than 7 years.

Participating in Intersolar is one of Growatt’s overseas marketing strategies. Those new inverters including home energy storage inverter series SPH/SPA/SPF, new residential inverter Growatt 2500-6000 TL-X series, smart commercial inverters MAX 50-80KTL3-LV/MV series and EVA AC EV charger have impressed many visitors and customers. The new models incorporate features which go far beyond those associated with traditional inverters, including integration with smart technology.  
[Home Energy Storage Inverter series SPH/SPA/SPF] SPH and SPF series maximize self-consumption and reduce electricity bill through the control of charge and discharge of energy storage batteries and utilization of price difference in peak-to-valley electricity. SPH series can also integrate IoT technology to realize intelligent management of home solar power generation, storage and electricity consumption, thus build a complete smart home energy management system. While the SPA series can retrofit existing PV systems to storage systems to increase self-consumption, reduce electricity bills. During grid power outage, SPA series can even provide emergency power back up.

【New Residential inverter】Growatt 2500-6000 TL-X series are more powerful on the performance with 1.4 times DC overload and 1.1 times AC overload,12.5A string current design perfectly matching bi-facial module, with excellent performance the inverter can increase up to 10% energy generation, it is also with very elegant new look, and OLED display which makes it more like a home appliance
【Smart commercial inverters】MAX 50-80KTL3-LV/MV series are equipped with 6 MPPTs, more flexible string configuration and less string mismatch loss. The Anti-PID function automatically heals PV module at night and increases long term profit of solar power plant. In addition, MAX 50-80KTL3-LV/MV series provide 24*7 reactive power compensation and increase transformer loading capability, thus save investment. Moreover, the inverter is with excellent capability to handle harsh grid environment which improves inverter reliability and ensures high generation.
【AC EV charger】 
"PV + energy storage + EV charger" will form a multi-source-complementary micro-grid system that can realize photovoltaic self-consumption, spare electricity storage and meanwhile provide green energy to electric vehicles. EVA AC EV charger is easy to use and efficient. The human-machine-interface provides smart charger management. Output power can be automatically adjusted but also manageable remotely with WIFI or 4G, protocol complies with European OCPP v1.6 standards. In terms of protection, EVA AC EV charger has IP65 protection level, comprehensive electrical and temperature protection, support harsh environment application. Installation of the charger is also flexible with both pole-mounting or wall-mounting options.
Top Brand PV Netherlands 2018 awarded by CEO of EuPD 

Thanks to our customers who trust us and choose our inverters for their solar projects. Growatt is now TOP 2 residential inverter supplier in Netherland. With the significant achievements, Growatt has received the award of ‘Top PV brand Netherlands 2018’ from EuPD. Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO of EuPD Research presented the award to Growatt at Intersolar 2018 on June 20. 

“During these years, we have offered much support worldwide. We provide many powerful solar inverters in the PV market with smart solutions and nice service offerings, we are grateful to our customers who chose our inverters for their projects. We will continue to demonstrate our maturity in intelligent technology and offer comprehensive range of service to meet the world-class standards.” Said David Ding, CEO of Growatt. 

The global PV market trend in 2018 pushes Growatt to develop and produce more powerful, safer and more efficient new inverters for customers. Dedication to the research of smart energy solutions and supply of smart energy products is always Growatt ’s pursuit !
Hungarian Photovoltaic Association greatly praised Growatt

Growatt is NO. 1 solar inverter supplier in Hungary. Apart from its outstanding market performance, Growatt also introduces innovative ‘authorized operation and maintenance’ to Hungary.  Growatt establishes a Solar Education Center in Hungary together with our partner, the center now operates on a regular basis by our sole agent in Pécs, a professional educational organization offering solar industry and after-sales training for engineers. The range of subjects cover, from consultation services to smart PV solutions, it is very popular among Hungarian industry professionals. With the Hungarian government accreditation, the Education Center also issues certificates to small and medium-sized installers who pass the exam after finishing the training and obtain certificates to carry out operation and maintenance services. In addition, Growatt and its partner will build a solar plant at the Education Center, which provides opportunities of practice to local students and helps spread solar knowledge. 

The leaders of the Hungarian Photovoltaic Industry Association visited the Growatt stand. The two parties had a good communication in products and markets. The Hungarian Photovoltaic Industry Association greatly praised Growatt for its outstanding performance and contribution in the Hungarian market.