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Growatt will present smart PV solutions at Intersolar South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil— Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., a well-known global manufacturer of high efficiency solar inverters and energy storage systems will present smart comprehensive  PV solutions for residential and commercial PV projects, as well as industrial PV power plants at Intersolar South America on Aug 28 –Aug 30, 2018 .The booth No. is F72.

With expected more than 12,500 visitors, the 6th Intersolar South America exhibition and conference - is the key platform for promoting solar technologies in South America in 2018. Over 240 international exhibitors will showcase their latest trends to industry specialists, investors, and project planers over the course of three days.

To provide better connections with the energy world, better business growth, and better experience for Brazilians, Growatt will present Growatt 1000-3000-S, Growatt 2500-5500MTL-S for residential solar systems, Growatt 12000-15000TL3-S for small commercial solar systems, and Growatt 30000-50000TL3-S, Growatt MAX 50-80KTL3-LV for industrial and commercial PV power plants. Besides the on-grid inverters, we also bring our off grid inverter Growatt SPF 5000-P and online smart service system.

For small commercial PV projects, a better choice, the new Growatt 12000-15000TL3-S phase inverter, is with elegant new look, and more compact design, high efficiency which enables fanless natural cooling technique.

Growatt 30-50k TL3-S, which has been widely installed and recognized by customers in Brazil, is particularly suitable for commercial roofs and large distribution projects. The star model is equipped with a wirebox including comprehensive protections inside, string monitoring, string fuses, anti-PID function, SPD type II on both AC and DC side, DC switch. Totally without requirement of external wirebox, that greatly reduces both hardware and installation cost.  

For on grid application we will launch our new product MAX series range from 50kW to 80kW. It is very powerful with 99% MAX efficiency. 6 MPPTs ensure more flexible string configuration and less string mismatch loss. Hardware protection also includes SPD on both AC and DC side, anti-PID function, DC switch. For communication port, the inverter comes with innovative dual USB ports and enables local data storage, firmware upgrading, and also mobile phone connection. Software part is also excellent. The inbuilt diagnosis function makes it possible to monitor both PV status and grid status. Any failure the inverter can record waveform timely for maintenance afterward, super convenient.

For remote off-grid application we will also present our off-grid model, GrowattSPF5000-P, with 5kW capacity and parallelable up to 3 units, which makes a 15kW system. The product is suitable for both residential and small commercial applications. The inverter is programmable on working mode to maximize system turn-out according to different application scenarios. Moreover, a separate charger is optional to expand PV capacity to get longer backup time.

Growatt OSS(online service system) is a platform for installers. On the platform you can get active services from Growatt, also as an installer you can manage all your inverters remotely, firmware upgrading, parameter setting. All can be done online. Available interfaces include web browser and mobile phone APP.

According to data from Brazilian association ABSOLAR, Brazil currently has 27,803 solar PV systems connected to the grid, which benefit 32,924 consumer units and total more than BRL 1.9 billion (around $515 million) in accumulated investments since 2012.  Such a huge PV market in Brazil attracts many solar inverter manufacturers and investors to explore more partnership.

Growatt insists on an innovation driven strategy, focusing on penetration of research and development in Brazil market for more than 7 years. The full range of inverters have been certified by INMETRO in 2016. Growatt has a local warehouse and local after-sales technicians in São Paulo. The technicians can provide local customers with nice service by quick response. Growatt has already become No.1 Chinese residential inverter exporter in Brazil and has a good reputation for its proven track record of reliability worldwide, especially in Brazil.

“Dedicated to making solar inverters smarter, Growatt continues to lead the clean energy in developing PV technologies that help to make PV more economic and more eco-friendly all over the world. Our partners are working with us together to strengthen the PV market expansion.” stated Lisa Zhang, the Marketing Director of Growatt.

About Growatt 
Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a professional, fast growing organization with over 8.5GW installation worldwide. The company is well known and respected globally as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high efficiency photovoltaic inverters and storage solutions.
Growatt offers a comprehensive range of solar inverters, from 1kW to 2.52MW, together with energy storage solutions for on and off-grid applications and smart home energy management solutions. As of early 2017, the company had 1200 employees. Growatt's inverters have thus far been exported to more than 100 countries throughout the world.