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Growatt wonderful review at Intersolar 2018

Intersolar Europe, the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry, is predestined for the presentation of ground-breaking innovations within the solar industry.

With reference to the statistics from a famous photovoltaic industry association, China's inverter exports were 12 GW in 2017. Growatt has been the leading exporter of inverters since its establishment and has a good reputation for its proven track record of reliability worldwide, especially in Europe. Growatt has already become TOP three inverter manufacturer in China in 2018.

During the three-day Intersolar, Growatt, with smart PV solutions and innovation, got high praise from visitors and customers in Europe. Let us take a look at the highlights and know more about Growatt.

Complete comprehensive solutions and crowded guests
Growatt displayed comprehensive PV solutions from residential, commercial, ground-mounted, energy storage, EV charger,etc, which greatly attracted and retained lots of visitors and customers to view and listen to the smart solutions as well as placing an order.    

             Smart energy management as a star
 "PV + energy storage + EV charger" won great popularity from guests. The smart products will form a multi-source-complementary micro-grid system that can realize photovoltaic self-consumption, spare electricity storage and meanwhile provide green energy to electric vehicles. EVA AC EV charger is easy to use and efficient. For energy storage products, SPH series can integrate IoT technology to realize intelligent management of home solar power generation, storage and electricity consumption, thus build a complete smart home energy management system. The perfect combination of PV & energy storage and EV charger will continue to provide green energy for electric vehicles, energy saving and environmental protection. That will be much more widely used in the future.
Eye catcher -- An EuPD award presented  
Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO of EuPD Research presented the award of ‘Top PV brand Netherlands 2018’  to Growatt at Intersolar 2018 on June 20 ,which greatly demonstrated that our customers trusted us and chose our inverters for their solar projects, as well as our significant achievements and good reputation.   The overseas PV market will be more competitive since May 31 Policy in China was implemented. However, Growatt has already built mature distribution systems worldwide and continues to upgrade our products and services for our customers with heart and soul.  We will maintain our leading position in the European market.