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Unveiling ceremony of the joint laboratory-ON Semiconductor and Growatt

In order to accelerate the perfect application of IGBTs in photovoltaic inverters, Growatt and the world-famous IC & semiconductor manufacturer ON Semiconductor held a joint laboratory unveiling ceremony on the afternoon of 26th June, 2018. David Chow, President of ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific, Liangcai Wu, Vice President and R&D director of Growatt, Sravan Vanaparthy, Director of Power Module Product Line from ON Semiconductor, Hector NG, Director of FAE China and Jack Tu, Vice President of Product Line from WPG Holdings attended the unveiling ceremony.

At the unveiling ceremony, two parties had a deep communication in PV market changes, technical innovation and cooperation. David Chow, president of ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific, introduced ON Semiconductor's technical strength and expressed the wish for expanding technical cooperation with Growatt in the future. Liangcai Wu, vice president and R&D director of Growatt, said Growatt regarded product quality and technical innovation as its life. Growatt has long-term investment both in finance and manpower for technical research and quality testing. On technical side, Growatt also has a high efficient deployment of core technology, common technology and future technology breakthroughs. In terms of product quality, strict inspections have been carried out at all levels, and the quality and technology of Growatt PV inverters have reached the international advanced level. The in-depth cooperation between ON Semiconductor and Growatt will further strengthen the mutual complementarity and integration of the two parties' advantages of technology and resources, greatly ensure the product quality and technological innovation of Growatt.

The establishment of the joint laboratory aims to promote the practical application of IGBT and technology communication, thus achieves breakthroughs in leading IGBT technologies and will make it more efficient in developing photovoltaic products.  At the same time, it previews the application of IGBT inverters in advance and guarantees product stability through a series of rigorous tests. The products are customized with reference to the application demand.  The laboratory will have a distributed IGBT evaluation platform and an IGBT module evaluation platform for simulation, loss, temperature rise, stress, and double pulse testing. MOSFET evaluation platform is applied in energy storage inverters. SIC IGBT module is for high frequency switch, etc. To carry out research and development of high-performance inverter and high-reliability, IGBT modules are conducted to improve the efficiency and reliability of photovoltaic inverters. The joint laboratory will strengthen cooperation in resource sharing, technology development and talents exchanges, meanwhile provide new technical support for Growatt to produce new world-class PV inverters in energy industry.

The cooperation between ON Semiconductor and Growatt opens a new chapter in the field of photovoltaic inverters and achieves the perfect integration of products and technology. In the future, Growatt will continue to explore photovoltaic technology and achieve technological breakthroughs and innovations, as well as enhancing brand influence and core competitiveness.