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Out with the old - in with the new

Out with the old - in with the new

---New products review at SNEC

Growatt is dedicated to technical innovation, the upgrade of products and state-of-the-art craftsmanship and regards its offerings as its core element of competitiveness. The company therefore ensures that any product it delivers to its overseas consumers is innovative, of high quality and representative of the image of China.

Growatt attracted nearly 200 top engineers, partners, reporters and audiences during the amazing presentation show on the stand of SNEC 2018, who witnessed the new products 2.5-6K-X, 7-8KMTL-S , including large capacity of commercial smart new inverter MAX 50-80KTL3 LV/MV.

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Growatt 2500-6000 TL-X

On the first day (28May) Growatt launched the 2500-6000 TL-X series. The series are more powerful on the performance with 1.4 times DC overload and 1.1 times AC overload,12.5A string current design, perfectly matching bi-facial module, and increase up to 10% energy generation. For the human machine interface, Growatt 2500-6000 TL-X is the first to use OLED display touch screen, clear and beautiful, no button design. The series provide a user- friendly experience, and are more resistant to low temperature, a perfect combination of low energy consumption and long life span; The comprehensive communication interfaces including USB/RS485/GPRS/4G/WiFi/RF can be flexibly matched for intelligent monitoring and operation & maintenance. At the same time, it reserves the optimizer, energy storage battery, and IoT interface to facilitate future system expansion.


MAX 50-80KTL3 LV/MV series and PV storage new products

The new large-capacity industrial & commercial string inverters, which were released on the second day of SNEC, are equipped with optional AFCI module on the DC side, which can accurately detect DC side arc faults and handle them in a timely manner to avoid fires. Both AC and DC sides have independent Type II SPD. SPD can easily be replaced separately without affecting other components, reducing maintenance costs. The smart IV curve diagnosis function actively monitors the working curve of each MPPT.

“In recent years, distributed photovoltaics has developed rapidly and the industrial & commercial photovoltaics in the middle and east China has generated more prospects. The industrial and commercial roof is with large area and high electricity price, so value of industrial and commercial PV investment is greater and there are lots of development opportunities. Growatt insists on an innovation driven strategy, focusing on penetration of research and development, as well as developing better cost performance, higher added value and more powerful new products.” Said Jimmy Yuan, Growatt’s Senior product manager.

Residential and industrial & commercial energy storage products

Energy storage system, as an essential part supporting the smooth operation of power grid, pushes the integration of renewable energy into grid and supports the development of distributed energy, multi-energy complementary, micro-grid, electric vehicles and energy internet, has received unprecedented attention in importance and value of applications.

“Energy storage applications are found in many areas of production and human living. It provides functions of peak-shaving, energy shifting and regulation of frequency, power backup and improvement of power quality. According to the different application scenarios, Growatt provides various application solutions for home, business, and micro-grid. Cases are all over the world and the shipments are far ahead in the domestic and overseas market. The newly-released PV-storage-charger products are integrated design of PV storage and EV charging, it is with high-efficiency and environmental friendly. Tower structure of EV charger is stable and reliable, 0-200A current continuously adjustable; AC and DC chargers are integrated, simple and convenient.” Said Given Pan, Growatt ’s R&D director. In addition, Growatt displayed off-grid series SPF, the SPA series AC BUS solution that is easy for PV system retrofitting, and the new SPH4K-11K high-voltage three-phase hybrid inverters, fully adaptive to various application scenarios and provide customers with comprehensive service solutions.

Every upgrade of Growatt’ s product technology, is a big step towards smarter energy utilization and more comfortable life.