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Strong cooperation between ON Semiconductor and Growatt

Strong cooperation! Growatt has a deep strategic cooperation with ON Semiconductor,and established a joint laboratory.

Recently, Growatt and the world-renowned IC and semiconductor manufacturer ON Semiconductor have signed an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties have established a joint laboratory to promote the technological innovation and application of IGBT in the inverter industry together.

As the world's leading inverter brand, Growatt provides a wide range of high quality products and service worldwide. Inside the inverter, all power components with large current, such as IGBT and inductors, require extremely high quality to ensure long-term stability of the inverter. Growatt always insists on the strict quality control. Key components of the inverter, such as IGBT or IGBT module, capacitor, etc., are all international tier 1 brands. The in-depth cooperation with ON Semiconductor is aiming at the supply and innovation of key components such as IGBT.  Growatt’ s full range of products are made of high-quality IGBT, control IC, power diodes and other components provided by ON Semiconductor. ON Semiconductor, which is listed on the NASDAQ, is one of the world's largest suppliers of analog IC, logic IC, and discrete semiconductor components. It is also the leading supplier of high-performance silicon solutions for energy-efficient electronic products.
Joint Lab and Trophy
In order to optimize IGBT performance in inverter application and promote technological innovation of IGBT, Growatt and ON Semiconductor have jointly established the "Growatt New Energy and ON Semiconductor Joint Laboratory."The joint lab is located in the research and development center of Growatt.  ON-semi supplies all kinds of equipment and conducts in-depth training and technical exchanges with Growatt R&D team. In the laboratory, the use of IGBT in the inverter can be previewed in advance. For thermal simulation, loss testing, voltage, current and temperature, strict testing is a must to ensure the quality of IGBT and the adaptability of the inverter.
ON Semiconductor Technology training and IGB test

David Ding, president of Growatt, has stated that Growatt always insists on the pursuit of excellent quality and upholds the customer-centric and quality-based management philosophy. After the establishment of the lab, Growatt and ON Semiconductor will establish a closer and long-term strategic partnership. Both parties will work together to make higher quality products. We believe that deepen strategic cooperation between Growatt and ON Semiconductor will push us to provide more innovative, market-leading solutions for our customers.

Keith D. Jackson, President and CEO of ON Semiconductor and David Ding, President of Growatt