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Growatt Attends New Year Party in Gujarat

On December 29, Photovoltaic Solar hosted afestive New Year Party at Renaissance Ahmedabad Hotel in Gujarat, “Jewel of WesternIndia”. Wonderful entertainments and prizes had been prepared for theattendees. Growatt was so pleased to join with EPC contractors and projectdevelopers from across the region for the event to celebrate the coming 2019.

Photovoltaic Solar is the biggest solardistributor in Gujarat and has been growing very fast since its diversificationinto renewable energy industry. With its highly skilled and experienced teamand extensive network, Photovoltaic Solar provides outstanding PV solutions andservices in PV solar product distribution and installation. It’s a great honorfor Growatt to collaborate with Photovoltaic Solar, and together not only havewe grown our business, but we’ve contributed to the emission reduction anddevelopment of green energy as well.

“India has huge abundant solar resourcesand enormous potential for market demand and growth. According to statisticsand reports, India is projected to be third largest solar market in the worldafter China and the US by the end of this year. ” Rucas Wang, Growatt RegionalDirector said at the event. The PV installation capacity of India is 6.6 GW inthe first nine months this year, slightly ahead of the US. The solar PVinstallation of India is forecast to reach 8 GW in FY 2018.

As the global leading inverter brand,Growatt has been deeply engaged with the development of solar energy across theworld. “Growatt has been dedicated to the development of Indian solar power forover seven years ever since entering the Indian market. We have established ourservice center and warehouse in Hyderabad. Service offices in 8 major cities havebeen established as well to provide on-site service across India. A toll-freeservice hotline has also been set up to provide fast response for ourcustomers.” Wang continued.

One of the latest product developments forIndian market by Growatt is Max, a smart and powerful inverter model forcommercial and industrial PV projects. It comes with quad-core processor andwill live up to smart monitoring and management expectations of the PV system. Its6 MPPTs design will allow flexible configurations in different installationscenarios. And if system failure happens, customers can utilize the convenientand powerful troubleshooting tools on Growatt OSS platform, such as Smart I/VCurve Diagnosis, Fault Waveform Record etc. It will sure save customers lots oftime and money.

Growatt highly values the partnership withPhotovoltaic Solar in Gujarat and cherish the trust of clients in our products.In the future, Growatt will continue to invest in R&D for our products and explorebusiness opportunities with our clients. Look forward to a new year with betterbusiness and stronger partnership!