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Growatt Shine Elite Bangkok on Solar Inverter and Storage

Shine Elite Bangkok, Oct 18, 2018

Growatt Shine Elite is held in Bangkok, Thailand with local authorities, professors and Growatt representatives joining the seminar to explore the flexibility of energy market. The solar power of Thailand is surging with a target of 6,000 MW to be reached by 2036. By the end of 2015, Thailand has installed a total solar power capacity of 2,500 to 2,800 MW, which is more than all the rest of Southeast Asia combined. 

Professor Naebboon Hoonchareon, Head of Smart Grid Research Unit at Chulalongkorn University, says at the beginning of the seminar that the solar power in Thailand is evolving in terms of investment cost, conversion efficiency, etc. In recent years, the PV investment cost has been decreasing with conversion efficiency approaching 20%. 

(Professor Naebboon Hoonchareon)

Thailand has great solar potential and the PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority) has come up with Smart Grid Master Plan, taking a step forward to support smart city development. Mr. Pantong Thinsatit, Manager of Smart Grid Planning Division, says “The outlook of smart micro grid is very promising, and it’s a long-term strategic development plan of our government.” 

(Mr. Pantong Thinsatit)

Apart from the installation of PV systems, Mr. Guan Liang, VP of Engineering and O&M from Energy Absolute, points out that O&M is of great importance to the PV system and that our goal is to achieve better, stable and safe O&M of the system by improving its efficiency, maximizing MTTF (Mean Time To Failures) and minimizing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), and ensuring personal and assets safety.

(Mr. Guan Liang)

Mr Prateep Srisai, Growatt Service Manager in Thailand, is very honored to have the opportunity to introduce Growatt to the audience.  “Growatt has been contributing to the development of solar power in Thailand since it entered the Thailand solar market in 2013. Achievements has been made by Growatt with residential, commercial and utility-scale projects installed across the nation, including the LamPang 127 MW ground-mounted PV station, the Phitsanulok 134 MW ground-mounted PV stations and the Royal Thai Air Force 2 MW Micro Grid project”, said Prateep, sharing the development of Growatt in Thailand.

(Mr Prateep Srisai)

(Project Cases in Thailand)

In fact, Growatt has also provided its storage system products for residential and commercial storage applications. Growatt HPS and PCS series inverters offer a broad range of power from 30kW to 150 kW for commercial solar. Its products are of leading technology edge and reliable quality with user-friendly features. “Take Growatt HPS for example, this model improves the safety of the PV system with built-in transformer for grid-isolation. Moreover, it can transit seamlessly between on-grid and off-grid working mode. And with the Smart Online Service System developed by Growatt, customers could monitor and manage the PV system easily by logging in from their mobile devices”, Neil Yu, Growatt Product Manager, continues to share with the audience.

(Nei Yu, Growatt Product Manager)

David Ding, CEO of Growatt New Energy, has shown up at the event. “I’m here today to promise you, our distinguished clients, that Growatt will continue its investment in the clean energy sector of the Thailand market and we will continue to innovate our product and develop our technology to provide products and services of the best for the Thailand market. With our leading position in Thailand and our continuing investment, Growatt will also be able to strengthen its influence over the solar energy of countries in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific region ”, said Ding at Shine Elite Bangkok.

(David Ding)

(Growatt Team and Rongzhuang Cai, Chairman of Thai Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China)