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Explore Growatt grid-tie energy storage system

Publishers:Growatt Time:2017-05-16
Growatt grid-tie energy storage system is dedicated to maximize self-consumption of solar energy by controlling the energy flow.

Growatt grid-tie energy storage system is dedicated to maximize self-consumption of solar energy by controlling the energy flow. When you can’t get pay feeding energy to the grid, you can store it in the battery and use it later. It is suitable for existing grid-tied solar system as well as newly build system. The solar charge controller SP series+ battery is compatible with grid-tied inverters from any supplier, and make it very flexible for system design.

Sustainability of the solution
Adopting a storage battery and charge controller, the peak of the solar power can be saved and stored in the battery without feeding back to the grid. The stored energy can be used by discharging battery when solar power is not available. Solar is always the first consumption priority, which can obviously reduce the electricity bill. Supporting grid-tied inverter from any supplier, Growatt SP series solar charge controller is a universal solution and can be incorporated in any solar system.

Degree of innovation
Growatt is the first supplier to make a universal storage solution. Why do we make it different from common solutions on the market? As we all know a solar system lasts very long but grid feed-in-tariff drops gradually, but sometimes drastically according to government policy, so a lot of existing solar systems are facing the problem that feeding solar energy to the grid can no longer get good profit. To deal with such a case, the best way is to keep what you have in the solar system and add additional storage battery charger to make a retrofitted solar storage system. Investment is not so high, but you can still maximize solar energy consumption and improve system profit. Apart from this, the SP series charge controller supports AC charging function, with this you can utilize the step-tariff of grid by charging at off-peak period and discharge at peak period to further improve system profit. What’s more, SP series is able to intelligently manage the lithium-ion battery behaviors provided by Growatt such as battery sleep and wake up, which is very useful to save energy and extend battery lifespan.

Economic impact 
Growatt SP series storage system can increase the self-consumption level up to 70% percent, assuming a 40% self-consumption level of original system, and solar power is sufficient for a residence consumption, it can reduce your electricity bill by 30%.

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