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  • 1.2MWSwiss factory roof power station project

    A very beautiful 1.2MW rooftop solar plant has been installed and commissioned in Deitingen, Switzerland. Growatt 40KTL3-NS and 30KTL3-S inverters are nicely mounted and installed.
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  • 200KW OutdoorXL Netherlands

    The roof photovoltaic power station of the Dutch factory adopts the star product MAX of Growatt, which is highly efficient and creates more value for the owners
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  • Liander 1.5MW Parking Lot Solar Plant

    The 1.5MW parking lot solar plant of Liander's new headquarters is located in Doetinchem, Netherlands. Back in 2016 this project was the largest parking lot solar system ever installed in Netherlands. Growatt was chosen in this case with 70 Growatt 20kUE inverters, our first-generation three-phase star product model.
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  • 420KW Veteran Hospital, Croatia

    A very meaningful hospital roof power station project, using the most popular product -Growatt MAX 70KTL3
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  • 1.2 MW C&I Rooftop Solar Plant in Zhejiang, China

    Growatt Max 70KTL3 LV inverters are used in this 1.2 MW C&I project case in Zhejiang province of China and over 4,300 panels are installed on top of the facilities.
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  • Dalfsen 570 kW Rooftop Solar Plant

    Growatt Max, the latest smart and powerful inverter makes its debut in Netherlands in a 570 kW solar project of Dalfsen.
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  • Dragon Palace Temple 80kW Rooftop Solar Project

    This 80kW on-grid rooftop solar plant is located at Dragon Palace Temple in Nagpur, India. Growatt MAX inverter is used in this plant.
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  • 200kW Rooftop Solar Plant in Durban, South Africa

    Beautiful layout! A 200kW rooftop solar plant has been commissioned and connected to the grid with five Growatt 40kTL3-NS inverters in Durban, South Africa.
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  • JD Logistics Park 3MW Solar Plant in Dongguan, China

    JD is the second largest e-commerce platform in China after Alibaba and one of its logistics parks located in Dongguan has been turned into a 3MW solar plant, which is installed with 38 Growatt HE inverters.
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  • 33KW Rooftop Solar Plant at Window Of The World, Shenzhen, China

    Beautiful solar project 33KW at Window Of The World in Shenzhen, China. Growatt provided nine grid-connected inverters, and installed capacity was 300KWP.
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