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  • 2,800㎡ Rooftop Solar Plant, Netherlands

    In the Netherlands, a farmhouse owner has invested in a rooftop solar plant that covers an area of 2,800㎡. Growatt MAX 80KTL3 inverters were selected for this gorgeous project.
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  • 200KW, Barendrecht, Netherlands,

    On the rooftop of an outdoor shop in Barendrecht, a 200KW solar photovoltaic plant has been commissioned by RETURNONENERGY to power the facility. Three Growatt MAX inverters were deployed for this PV system.
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  • 1.5MW, Liander Parking Lot Solar Plant

    In Doetinchem, Netherlands, at the parking lot of Liander's new headquarters, there is this 1.5MW rooftop solar plant. Back in 2016, this project was the largest parking lot solar system ever installed in the Netherlands. Growatt was chosen for this project and supplied 70 Growatt 20kUE inverters, our first-generation three-phase star products.
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  • 420KW, Veteran Hospital, Croatia

    A set of Growatt MAX 70KTL3 inverters were deployed in this gorgeous 420kW rooftop solar plant at a Veteran Hospital in Croatia.
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  • 2MW, Nhon Trach, Vietnam

    In Nhon Trach, a company has built this splendid 2MW rooftop solar plant on top of its facilities. 24 units of Growatt MAX 80KTL3 were installed and configured for the system.
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  • 300KW, Tulkarm, Palestine

    In Tulkarm in the West Bank of Palestine, Growatt MAX 50KTL3 inverters were chosen for a 300kW rooftop solar plant for a children’s amusement center. Clean solar energy are now used to power the facility and bring happiness and joy to the kids.
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  • 80KW, Dragon Palace Temple, India

    In India, Growatt MAX inverter is used in this 80kW on-grid rooftop solar plant located at Dragon Palace Temple in Nagpur.
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  • 50KW, Hacienda la Palmera, Colombia

    Clean solar energy is now used to power the facility in Hacienda la Palmera in Colombia to produce EMBRUJO CAFE, a high quality specialty coffee. Growatt MAC inverter has been deployed in this solar plant, contributing to a sustainable world.
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  • 25KW, Tay Ninh, Vietnam

    Growatt's new generation inverter MID 25KTL3-X was installed for a rooftop solar plant at a clinic in Tay Ninh. Excess electricity will be sold to EVN Tay Ninh, increasing the returns for the owner.
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  • 1MW, Phatthalung hospital, Thailand

    In Thailand, 1MW rooftop solar plant has been completed at Phatthalung hospital. Growatt MAX inverters were chosen for this project.
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