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GROWATT 3000-6000TL3-S

3-6KW Three Phase, Dual MPPTs


3 phase grid-tied inverter for residential or small commercial rooftop application.
Fanless design, compact and easy for installation.


Compact design
Online smart service
Support export limitation

High Yields

Max. efficiency up to 98.0%
Dual MPPTs for different alignments
Wide working voltage

Safe & Reliable

Integrated DC switch
Multiple protection and detection
IP65 protection rating
Natural cooling

Technical Parameter


  • Technical Documentation
  • User Manual / Video
  • Product Certificates
  • Growatt 3000-6000 TL3-S Datasheet

  • Growatt 3000-6000TL3-S User Manual

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S Austria TOR Erzeuger

  • 3-11KTL3-S UNE217001

  • 3-11KTL3-S UNE206007

  • CE Declaration 2019

  • 3-11KTL3-S EN50549-1

  • 3-11KTL3-S VFR2014(French)

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S VDE0126

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S N4105_2018 II

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S N4105_2018 I

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S IEC62116&IEC 61727

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S EN50438 Sweden

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S EN50438 Poland, Norway,Hungary,Switzerland,Turkey

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S EN50438 Ireland

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S CE LVD

  • Growatt 3000-11000TL3-S CE EMC

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