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    Professional R&D Engineers
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    Growatt is a global leader of smart energy solutions and provides residential, commercial and utility-scale PV inverters, energy storage, microgrid systems and smart energy management solutions. Growatt ranks among global top 10 PV inverter suppliers according to IHS Markit and Wood Mackenzie.


    Founded in 2010, Growatt has established an extensive service network with 14 offices and warehouses worldwide. Over the years, Growatt has built strong and experienced local teams in key solar markets, and has been committed to providing comprehensive and professional training in technologies of solar PV, battery storage, and smart energy management.


    Dedicated to technology and product innovations, Growatt invests heavily in research and development. The R&D team at Growatt has more than 400 professional engineers, most of whom have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Elegant, smart and powerful features have been brought by the R&D team to the latest inverters, which are very well received by customers across the globe.


    With a solid track record over the past decade, Growatt's PV inverters, energy storage and smart energy management solutions have earned widespread popularity among customers. By the end of 2020, Growatt had shipped over 2.6 million inverters to more than 100 countries around the world.

  • Vision

    Dedicated to becoming the world’s largest supplier of smart energy solutions
  • Mission

    To provide clear and convenient access to green energy
  • Core Value

    Innovation, Excellence, and Customer-Oriented
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    Legendary Creativity in the Inverter Industry

    Growatt was founded in May 2010 with headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The company is famed for its 'Shenzhen Speed', having taken only 18 months to move from its foundation to become established as a popular supplier of smart inverters and it is also the only inverter company to receive direct investment from Sequoia Capital.

    Innovative Supplier in the Inverter Market

    Over the years, Growatt has been dedicated to technology and product innovations, and invests heavily in research and development. The R&D team at Growatt has more than 400 professional engineers, most of whom have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Elegant, smart and powerful features have been brought by the R&D team to the latest inverters, which are very well received by customers across the globe.

    Modern Manufacturer, Quality First

    Growatt owns the most advanced, intelligent and fully automated production line to meet the explosive demand for inverters.

    Quality is ensured by the most stringent QC system in the industry. Growatt has adopted the Five-Step Quality Engineering Process including design engineering, testing engineering, manufacturing engineering, component engineering and reliability engineering.

    International Perspective

    Growatt has shipped hundreds of thousands of inverters to more than 100 countries around the world. By far Growatt has established branch offices in Germany, Italy, Hungary, UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Australia, India, Thailand etc. In China, Growatt is the No.1 residential solar inverter supplier and is also one of the top 3 PV inverter suppliers for distributed generation solar energy. According to IHS Markit, Growatt has ranked among the World's top 3 residential PV inverter suppliers since 2018.

    Five Star Service, New Role Model for the PV Industry

    Growatt has a highly efficient pre- and post-sales team. It provides reliable technical and maintenance support for both domestic and global markets.

    The company is a pioneer in the provision of its Online Smart Service (OSS), which can diagnose and resolve inverter problems remotely.

    OSS has improved working efficiency by a significant 60% and is maximising levels of client satisfaction.

    Promoting Solar with Global Partners

    Growatt has developed close relationships with local partners across the world, and we highly value these strong partnerships established over the years. Growatt is the long-term partner of renowned companies such as Omnisun, Signature Solar, AustraEnergy, Aldo Solar, TATA Power Solar, EU Solar, MP Solar Group, Blue Sun Group and so on.


  • 2010

    Founded in May 2010 in Shenzhen, China's Silicon Valley;

    Launched Growatt 5000TL inverter and became the first Asian inverter manufacturer to receive A+ rating by PHOTON Lab

  • 2011

    Largest exporter of PV inverters in China;

    Only Chinese renewable energy company to receive investment from Sequoia Capital

  • 2012

    #1 brand for string inverters in China

  • 2013

    Established subsidiaries in Australia, US, Germany, UK, and Hong Kong

  • 2014

    Received double A+ rating from PHOTON Lab for 20000TL3-HE inverter with max. efficiency exceeding 99%

  • 2015

    Launched the first generation of residential storage solutions

  • 2016

    #1 residential PV inverter brand in China, holding national top market position to-date

  • 2017

    Doubled its sales revenue for the second consecutive year, and achieved Top 10 global inverter supplier, per IHS Markit;

    Global inverter shipment exceeded one million units;

    Launched company's first smart home energy management system

  • 2018

    #3 global single-phase inverter supplier: IHS Markit;

    Established a joint research laboratory with ON Semiconductor;

    Launched MAX 50–80kW inverter series and received All Quality Matters Award by TÜV Rheinland

  • 2019

    Established joint research center with National Electric Power Conversion and Control (NEPCC) with China's Ministry of Science and Technology;

    Launched GroHome, second smart home energy management system;

    Ranked in top 10 global PV inverter suppliers: IHS Markit, Wood Mackenzie;

    #3 global single-phase inverter supplier: IHS Markit;

    #5 global supplier of three-phase string inverters: IHS Markit

  • 2020

    Established new manufacturing plant with 20GW annual production capacity;

    Launched full product line of X Generation PV inverters;

    Launched 175–253kW 1500V string PV inverter for utility-scale solar plants

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  • 2021-04-16

    Growatt launches high power single-phase inverter in Brazi...

    The inverter is developed to meet the requirements of bigger residential solar PV systems at larg...
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  • 2021-04-12

    Growatt launches its PV and storage solution for homeowne...

    An increasing number of homeowners in Germany are investing in battery storage when installing sol...
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  • 2021-03-30

    Growatt unveils new MID 50KTL3-X residential inverte...

    Growatt has unveiled its new MID 50KTL3-X inverter for high power capacity residential PV ...
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  • 2021-03-16


    In Pakistan, the company in the name of Growatt PK Pvt.Ltd is selling counterfeit products of...
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  • 2021-02-26

    Growatt becomes the largest residential PV inverter suppl...

    Growatt has announced that it currently ranks first among inverter brands for residential PV inve...
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  • 2021-01-22

    Growatt receives pv magazine award 2020 for its new generat...

    Leading PV inverter manufacturers are bringing innovations to the distributed generation sector, ...
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  • 2021-01-13

    Growatt expands its service team in Brazil

    Growatt has announced the establishment of a new call centre in Maringá, as an addition to its ex...
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  • 2020-11-25

    Growatt partners with the top PV retailer in Australia, ...

    Australia is one of the world’s most developed solar markets. With supportive policies, the count...
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  • 2020-11-20

    Growatt ranks among the top PV brands in Hungary, Polan...

    This year, even with the world hit hard by COVID-19, Growatt, one of the world's leading supp...
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  • 2020-10-26

    Growatt's plans to expand throughout Latin America

    Eduardo Solis Figueroa, Regional Marketing Manager for Growatt New Energy in Latin Americ...
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  • 2020-09-18

    Growatt’s new generation storage ready inverter now compat...

    Growatt’s storage-ready inverter MIN 2500-6000TL-XH has been listed by LG Chem as the co...
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  • 2020-09-09

    Growatt expects an increase of over 60% in off-grid inverte...

    To date, millions of households around the world – mostly living on small islands, or in developin...
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  • 2020-08-28

    Growatt signs with Aldo and closes its largest distributio...

    The manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters Growatt signed with Aldo Solar its largest distributi...
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  • 2020-07-10

    Growatt introduces new generation three-phase inverter into...

    Growatt, one of the world's top 5 three-phase string inverter suppliers according to IHS Markit...
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  • 2020-06-17

    Growatt selected for Ikea's turnkey solar offer in Austra...

    Inverters and batteries from Chinese manufacturer Growatt have been included in Ikea’s solar of...
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  • 2020-06-11

    Growatt ranked third in global single-phase inverter shipme...

    Chinese manufacturer of PV string inverters, Growatt, took over 11% market share of single-phase...
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  • 2020-05-26

    Growatt ranked eighth in global PV inverter shipments in ...

    In 2019, global PV inverter shipments increased by 18% on a YOY basis with total shipments rea...
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  • 2020-03-17

    FOR THE EARTH Photo Contest

    To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Growatt is holding FOR THE EARTH in...
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  • 2019-12-20

    Growatt Becomes the NO.1 Solar Rooftop Inverter Supp...

    Growatt has become the NO.1 solar rooftop inverter supplier in India according to the latest rep...
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  • 2019-11-11

    Growatt Extends Shine Elite Training Workshops to Bra...

    Growatt has been actively expanding into the Americas for the past years with increasing investmen...
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  • 2019-11-06

    Growatt Increases Its Activities in Mexico

    November, 2019 - Growatt holds its series of Shine Elite training workshops in Mexico and its f...
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  • 2019-10-24

    Growatt’s Most Up-to-date Inverters Showcased at All-...

    As one of the world leaders in solar energy production, Australia’s solar industry has achieved a...
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  • 2019-09-21

    Growatt Continues to Be the Highlight of REI

    It’s the biggest annual gathering of the Indian solar industry at REI. Solar manufacturers ar...
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  • 2019-09-09

    Growatt Launched New MAC Series Commercial and Indu...

    Growatt has started its Shine Elite series training workshops in India! On 6 September Growat...
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  • 2019-09-06

    Growatt Expands Business in Latin America

    The Green Expo 2019, the three-day premier event in Latin America ends on Thursday in Mexico ...
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  • 2019-07-25

    Cơ hội việc làm Growatt

    Growatt đang tìm kiếm một chuyên gia tiếp thị tại Việt Nam. Tìm hiểu thêm về các y...
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  • 2019-07-08

    Growatt Launched New Single-Phase Inverter in India

    Growatt and 3S Solutions held a conference in Telangana of India on July 5 with a large crowd ...
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  • 2019-07-05

    Growatt Holds Shine Elite PV Workshop in Vietnam

    Vietnam’s solar market is good news for the solar industry with growing demand of electricity and ...
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  • 2019-07-03

    Growatt Introduces Smart Solar Storage Solutions in A...

    Australia's growing battery storage industry has prompted the update of battery rules. From June ...
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  • 2019-06-06

    Growatt Presents its Answer to Future PV Solutions at...

    The photovoltaic industry is going through changes across the globe and the PV technologies and g...
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  • 2019-05-20

    Growatt Unveils Next Generation PV Solutions Amid G...

    For the past few days people from across the solar industry were gathering at Intersolar Europe. ...
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  • 2019-04-10

    Growatt Presenting Latest Product Models in a Row of E...

    At the start of April, Growatt exhibited its latest residential inverter, Growatt MIN 2.5-6k ...
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  • 2019-04-03

    Growatt Presents Its Answer for Future Residential In...

    On April 2 -3 at International Convention Centre Sydney, people from across the solar industry...
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  • 2019-03-23

    Growatt Showcases PV Solutions at Solar Power Mexico

    Distributed solar has been on the rise since 2011 in Mexico due to high electricity prices. The c...
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  • 2019-03-22

    Growatt Exhibited Its Solutions for the Future at Sola...

    Netherlands added a capacity of 1,330 MW for solar in 2018 with a growth rate of 46% on year-on-y...
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  • 2019-01-25

    Growatt Awarded Top Brand PV Seal at InterSolution ...

    On January 23 at InterSolution, the No.1 networking and trade fair for the solar industry in th...
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  • 2019-03-04

    Growatt Expanding Its Footprint in Europe

    On 26 Feb – 1 March Growatt partnered with Chint at GENERA 2019 in Spain in a step to s...
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  • 2019-01-21

    2019 Growatt Annual Party

    On Jan 18, Growatt held its 2019 Annual Party in Shenzhen, China. Over 1,000 employees joine...
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  • 2019-07-25

    Data Privacy Protection

    Growatt promises and guarantees that the relevant information obtained through this platform is str...
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